About Us

Electric London Taxis are part of the Licensed London Taxi group and are professionally run by a group of ‘Iconic Black Cabbies’ with over 35 years experience.
In the early days as some of you will remember there were no GPS or internet, so all drivers had to learn their “knowledge” to get around the city of London. Unlike private hire firms, our drivers have the in-depth ‘knowledge of London’ and can therefore navigate immediately through traffic and roadworks to all destinations. Our vehicles are also permitted to use the London bus lanes.

‘The Knowledge of London’

Visitors to London can be assured of one thing – our cab drivers will know where they are going thanks to a rigorous test that takes years to master. 30 years to improve our knowledge of the area and to change and innovate to cater for the varying needs of our customers. With such extensive longstanding experience are able offer you most reliable, comfortable and safest travel experience at an affordable cost. Drivers go through rigorous training to get their badge, passing “The Knowledge”, a test which has been described as a bit like having a mental atlas of London in your head.

The summer Olympics of 2012.

Licensed London Taxis were the largest taxi fleet contracted to the 2012 London Olympics, specifically to one of it’s largest sponsors BP.
Spanning the entire Olympic opening to it’s Closing day supplying 24/7 Taxi services for BP Executives & Staff.

Wheelchair passengers.

Wheelchair access for customers with disabilities is made simple with the London Vito Taxi, built in ramps, electronic sliding doors and grab rails are standard. With over 35 years experience we are well versed in taking care of our disabled or special needs clientele.

A commitment to service.

Our emphases have always been on creating a team of friendly, helpful drivers with total commitment to serving our customers. We are also keen to utilise all new technologies and offer advanced bookings online, mobile and by phone. Despite the ever increasing changes in technology, we maintain a keen emphasis on efficient and friendly customer service, which we believe and this has always been the main reason for our success.

Business Details:

Electric London Taxis. 31 Brondesbury Villas, London. NW6 6AH. United Kingdom

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